8 Minutes a Day

Last year I took an amazing family history class. One week was focused solely on journal writing and recording your daily life as it happened. She gave some great examples, tips, and suggestions on how to do this for the year and gave us a goal to spend only 8 minutes every day writing in our journal.  8 minutes is not very long. You can fold a batch of laundry in 8 minutes, we often waste at least 8 minutes on social media, often we’re waiting in lines or for kids or something for 8 minutes. Continue reading


Stopping to Draw

Today I decided to just stop for a couple of minutes and try out the drawing pencils Beau got me for Christmas. I grabbed a book, some type paper, picked a photo and gave myself a few minutes to see what we could come up with. Continue reading

Family History Mysteries

One of the resources I love to use for home school is the Friend Magazine that is put out by our church.  It works great for short devotionals before we start school and the kids love it. This year they are doing a Family History Mystery every month.  It is a mystery challenge for kids to do about something within their family history. I thought this would be a great project to work on throughout the year together. They loved doing this and I had no complaints about having to do some writing. Continue reading

A day at the zoo

This last week we had the opportunity to go to the zoo for free. There’s nothing like getting in the whole family for free.  It seems that we tend to make it to the zoo about every 3-4 years and usually in the dead of summer when it’s a killer hot day. This time we went in the fall which was awesome. No one was there. The animals were all out moving and wandering. The temperature was perfect! We also finally got to see the new exhibits and changes they have made over the last few years that have really improved it.  Continue reading

Learning on the Go – Yellowstone 2

If you are planning on going to Yellowstone make sure you give yourself plenty of time to see all of it. We were only able to see the west side in the couple of days that we were there. On our second day we got away a little bit later since were taking our Old West picture in the morning. But we saw enough for the day, and was able to end a little early so we could go back and have s’mores. Which were on the top of the kids list of items to do on vacation. Continue reading

Learning on the Go – Yellowstone 1

On our first full day we decided to hit Yellowstone. We had ambitions of hitting the upper loop of Yellowstone the first day, and the lower loop the second day. We soon realized that was too ambitious. We were basically only able to see the West side of Yellowstone on this trip. We will have to return a second time and see the east side. It has been  years since I personally have been on the west side. Continue reading

Learning on the Go – West Yellowstone

Recently we had the opportunity to combine 2 different family events into a 10 day family trip by planning our summer vacation in the middle of them. It seemed to be the best time to go. Things weren’t crazy with Beau’s work yet, and it would help us avoid making 2 trips home to Star Valley in less than a week. Our kids haven’t been to Yellowstone National Park yet and since it was a short drive from Star Valley we thought it would be a great option for our family vacation this year.  We also needed to it to be as cheap as possible for the full five days we would be gone. Continue reading