Beach combing


I had the chance to go on a vacation with my parents, siblings and their families for a week to the Oregon Coast. It was just what I needed.  Quality time with family, some down time, the wonderful ocean, and a chance to pull out the pencils and paint. Nothing beat the early morning walks along the beach. I could get up and exercise in the wee early hours every day if I just have an ocean to walk along. 

It was beautiful everywhere.  We had perfect weather, it was green, and there is something about the beautiful, rough, majestic Oregon coast. I can’t get enough of it. The sites, smells and sounds.

We found a great beach house that fit all 30 of us with beds for everyone. It sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean. There was a beautiful little trail that led down the beach, and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. Occasionally in the mornings there might be a morning walker, but it was all ours.

Kids would be found going down there all day long to play in the water, run in the sand, beach comb, make sand castles, fly kites and just explore. Doing things that kids do best. You know that it was an awesome day when you have all the cousins sleeping in the same big room, and everyone is outcold within 5 minutes of the lights being turned off. There was no late night giggling, talking and playing.  Everyone had worn themselves out. That’s what a kid’s life should be like everyday.  Non stop playing, exploring and being a kid.

We explored tide pools, played pool and ping-pong in the beach house, played on the beach, ate local fish and chips, visited the aquarium, saw the light houses and sealions, and ate salt water taffy. A few of the boys went deep-sea fishing and came home with more crabs and fish than all 30 of us could eat in a night! We had a friendly seal that was out every morning swimming and playing when the tide was down. We even had the chance to watch a whale travel by at the tide pools. All the kids would yell “there he is!” every time he came up blowing air and water into the air. Nothing beats seeing it in the wild.

I’ve got the best family it the world. I love that all the cousins get along and look forward to times when we get together.  This was a crazy wish late one night a year ago. We came many times to the Oregon coast growing up and it was our favorite vacation spot. Mom mentioned she would love to have everyone go back, a wish of sorts. It slowly become reality and before we knew it we were on our way.

It was fun for us to reminisce the bests parts when we came as a kid and I think it will go down in the family books of being one of the best vacations the kids have ever had. When can I go back?


One thought on “Beach combing

  1. Tiffany says:

    I agree one of the best vacations ever. My boys are already asking when we can go again! Love it all. And this post. It is perfectly written. Love you

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