2 Nephi 10:33

I finished up this illustrated faith last week, using some of my own drawings this time. I have always read this scripture in one specific context, but this time it was a scripture that had been playing all week in my mind in light of a different context and meaning. Those thoughts were of what I was putting into my body. We are told by Paul that our body is a temple, that it is not our own and was bought with a price. 2 Nephi 10_33_blog

Lately I have been trying to focus on making sure that what I am eating and putting into my body are those things that the Lord has ordained for it’s use in Doctrine and Covenants 89. He created our bodies, he knows what will give our bodies the greatest health. Too often though I tend to eat what I want. It’s easy to do in a world filled with all kinds of addictive substances from some food (that can taste so good) right up to drugs and other abusive substances.  I can choose if I want to eat those things that will in the end bring my body into captivity and death through loosing some of my own willpower and agency, to an addiction which leads to a slow destruction and death of my body. Or I can put into my body those foods that will instead bring energy, life and vitality to my body making it easier to receive revelation, gain control over physical appetites and gain physical health and life.  It’s my choice, no one else’s.  I literally get to choose life or captivity and death by the very things I take into my body.


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