Isaiah 61:3

A friend of mine shared her first art journaling in her bible and it intrigued me. She shared the site Illustrated Faith with me and encouraged me to do it. I thought about it all day. What would the scriptures look like visually to me? How could I illustrate the insights, joy, hope, and understanding the scriptures give me daily as I study them? I decided to take her up on it. I wanted to see what I could accomplish by the end of the year of illustrating the scriptures that stuck out to me the most that year, my own personal journey of discovering faith in the Lord and his gospel.  This was my first attempt.   Isaiah 61_3_blog

I ended up doing it digitally as I didn’t really have a good set of scriptures that would work to paint or draw in, and some days I just have to admit I’m a digital artist. I love it. I plan on incorporating some of my own drawings, photos, etc in the future.

I wasn’t necessarily planning on starting yesterday, but after a beautiful morning at the Provo City Temple, I wanted to express some of my thoughts through the scripture of Isaiah 61:3. Beauty for Ashes.  It was amazing to see the incredible beauty of this temple as it rose from the ashes. The Lord can do the same in our own lives if we let him. What a powerful image this specific temple is of that in my life.


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