Obtaining Revelation During the Sacrament

The sacrament is also a time for Heavenly Father to teach us about the Atonement of His Beloved Son—our Savior, Jesus Christ—and for us to receive revelation about it. It is a time to “knock, and it shall be opened unto you,” to request and to receive this knowledge. It is time for us to reverently ask God for this knowledge. And if we do, I have no doubt that we will receive this knowledge, which will bless our lives beyond measure. – Claudio R. M. Costa

This last week during my personal scripture study I was studying the topic of revelation. What a wonderful study I had as I learned how willing our Father in Heaven is to have a personal relationship with us. He desires to teach us, answer our questions and pour revelation and knowledge upon us if we just choose to ask and seek with real intent. He can and will answer the question of our heart. I know he does from my own personal experiences.

Yesterday in our Relief Society Meeting we were studying the general conference talk of Elder Claudio R. M Costa, and someone read this quote which stuck out to me. I had thought all week about how to obtain revelation at the temple, or during my own personal scripture study, or prayer. But for some reason I had not thought about obtaining revelation during the sacrament. Especially the purpose of obtaining specific revelation about the atonement. Of course! Is there not a better place that we should be gaining insight and revelation from God about that wondrous event and it’s personal implication and effect in our life. How would my thoughts and prayers be different if I am going to the sacrament table with not just the intent to remember him during the sacrament, but to have a revelatory experience about the atonement instead.


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