Continuing the Tradition

Every year around Thanksgiving my mother would spend a day baking pies, or making some other yummy treat.  That evening for our Family Home Evening we would all take the time to pick someone in our life that we were grateful for, and write a letter or card expressing our gratitude. It could be a friend, a primary teacher, anyone.

We would then take all our pies and spend the evening delivering them to those individuals we had picked. This wasn’t a small feat for a family a 7. I still remember one year where one anxious child climbed over the mini seat van to land on top of a pie.  All that hard work gone.  Another year we took it to a former Bishop that was going through a divorce. He got emotional and told us that had felt very alone and abandoned. That no one had cared about him. We left so grateful that my mom had the thought to take one to him that year.


I haven’t been the best at keeping up at this tradition. We’ve done it off and on, but this year I didn’t want to forget. So this afternoon my kids and I spend a wonderful afternoon making some mini pies and writing thank you notes to the person they each chose. They each made their own pie, which just a little help from mom.


They are baking now, and soon we’ll spend part of the early evening visiting some people we are grateful to have in our life.


This boy always cracks me up. He doesn’t believe in just doing something part way. He’s my cook, and he wanted to do the fancy weaved pie, and so he set out to do it all on his own. Not too bad for his first attempt ever.


Hopefully you can find someone this season that you are grateful for, and take the time to let them know.

I’m always grateful for a mom, who ingrained in us the importance of telling people we appreciated them, saying thank you and taking the time to do something nice for them. I have fond memories of bundling up in the the winter clothes, driving around on cold November nights, with the smell of wood smoke in the air and the smell of pies throughout the car. It made us happy as children to be doing something nice for others. What a great lesson my mom passed on to us.


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