Becoming Like Him

Until we are confronted with a situation that requires a Christ like response, there is no real “test” to our emulating His character.

I have always loved this quote. I had it on a little card that someone gave me once, and over 13 years I have kept track of it because it speaks to my soul so much. Often times I fail to remember that it is not just the good normal days that I am to be acting as Christ would, or trying to be like him. It is really the hard moments. The times when I am really frustrated with some, completely exhausted or burned out, or annoyed. These are the times when it really comes down to whether or not I have charity and the pure love of Christ. If I only have charity on the good days, or with people I already love and have a good relationship with, that is rather shallow and not really the love of God. The real love of God has no bounds. It is for all, especially those we struggle with.


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