Family History Mysteries

One of the resources I love to use for home school is the Friend Magazine that is put out by our church.  It works great for short devotionals before we start school and the kids love it. This year they are doing a Family History Mystery every month.  It is a mystery challenge for kids to do about something within their family history. I thought this would be a great project to work on throughout the year together. They loved doing this and I had no complaints about having to do some writing.


The first one had to do with finding a family heirloom in your home. They were then supposed to find out the story about the heirloom and who it was from. They were then supposed to write up their ‘case file’ to put in their evidence folders.  They were also supposed to include evidence or a picture of the heirloom if possible. So we went on an heirloom hunt, and found the few heirlooms I have. They each picked up something they wanted to learn and write about.  I want these exercises to just be fun for the kids, get them writing and so I”m not too picky on how or what they wrote. Unfortunately our printer was having issues with stripes! A little frustrating. I tried not to let the perfectionist in me stop me from printing them anyway.  Here are a few more examples from Savannah who wanted to do quite a few of them. I didn’t get a picture of Isaac’s or Caitlyn’s because they were still working on theirs. They chose to do some cross stitches from their Grandma Astle.




This would be a great Sunday activity to do together as a family . You can find this month’s challenge here.  You can also print off additional tags here as well if you have multiple children.


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