Learning on the Go – Yellowstone 2

If you are planning on going to Yellowstone make sure you give yourself plenty of time to see all of it. We were only able to see the west side in the couple of days that we were there. On our second day we got away a little bit later since were taking our Old West picture in the morning. But we saw enough for the day, and was able to end a little early so we could go back and have s’mores. Which were on the top of the kids list of items to do on vacation.

We hit Old Faithful which was fun since it has been a really long time that even Beau or I have been here. The kids turned in their Junior Ranger booklets for their badge. We also looked through the Visitors center which has a lot of really neat interactive displays and then made it in time to see Old Faithful blow.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Here was the only wildlife we saw at old faithful. 🙂

We also checked out the old faithful inn which I don’t remember as a child really. I have faint recollections of going there when I was really little, around 2 or 3.  I know I have a few pictures of me of me there for a family reunion. It is a pretty amazing building with all the logs and woodwork. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Before we made it to old faithful we checked out various paint pots for the first time and then the Grand prismatic spring. It was hard to really see the colors inside it because of all the steam coming off. There were a few moments when we did catch some amazing colors. This one is definitely one that I think is gorgeous from the air. 


Our entire vacation included also a family reunion and hanging out with family while the kids went to the annual Grandkid’s camp. These were the few days we were able to squeeze in for the summer for an actual get away vacation. We had a great time and are looking forward to finding other ones we can do as well.

We will have to do Yellowstone another year so we can hit the east side and possible go see Cody, Wyoming too. But for our kids and the amount of driving you still have to do in the park this was about perfect for our kids.


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