Our Newest Family Additions

The kids woke up this morning to a bowl wrapped up with goodies inside. I thought they would see it quicker than they did but it took awhile before we finally heard the question “Can we open the package on the table?”


Inside the bowl they found a chocolate Easter bunny that looks like it is in a rabbit cage with a note on the front that said. “Will you please feed my….”


It also had a salt tablet, some rabbit food, and a animal water feeder.


They didn’t know what to think.  They had all kinds of questions.  Feed what? Are we supposed to eat this food? Why are we supposed to feed a chocolate bunny? They eventually figured out that it was for a rabbit, but still the questions came. How are we supposed to feed a rabbit if we don’t have one? Does this mean we can get a rabbit? Finally after they were trying to figure out where this rabbit was they were supposed to feed I asked them where would a rabbit be. In the house? Then it clicked. “The backyard” They ran back there and stopped. Nothing there. So then they tore around to the other side of the house and Isaac finally saw it. The cage with Rabbits.

I think they were still in shock. We have been telling them no pets for years, and Mirian has been depressed for years knowing that she will never have a pet as long as we are living in this tiny house.  But soon the excitement came with the realization that they finally had a pet and soon they were begging to hold it, feed it, pet it, etc.


Soon the poor little bunnies were dealing with this…. ALL DAY LONG….  With the amount of petting, holding and playing the kids have been giving them, they are going to be pretty tame and docile fast.  It took them a minute to warm up to holding them after they were scratched numerous times, but after covering themselves with gloves and long sleeved jackets they were brave enough to pick it up and hold it rather than mom and dad doing it. And now they are pros at getting them in and out.

It might not have been the best day to give it to them, since it was the Sabbath, and all they could think about was hanging out with them all day.  We couldn’t have given it to them sooner as I was gone all weekend to Idaho where I gave in to these cute little guys, found a free cage and convinced Beau that I would be fully responsible for the repercussions of this decision. The traveled 4 1/2 hours in the car with me and arrived home last night at 11 pm.


So let me introduce you to these adorable little gals. This is Clover, she first started out named as Chocolate, but after voting and some name suggestions from dad, Clover stuck.  She’s the shy one who prefers to go find a good corner to snuggle up in.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is midnight. She’s a pretty little black bunny and is the adventurous one.  Her name first started as nightmare, but Beau thought that was a little extreme for such a cute innocent little bunny, so midnight came about instead and it’s stuck.  At one point the kids came in exclaiming that midnight was eating his clover! Beau responded back that it sounded like midnight was eating the other bunny!

They were disappointed that they were both girls, because they declared to me that you have to have a mommy and a daddy if you want babies. So Caitlyn has declared that she wants to earn a boy bunny, because she wants to see what baby bunnies looked like. I satisfied her enough by telling her that these are baby bunnies. When they get older they will get “this” big I motioned with my hands. Her eyes got big and she raced out to the others to let them know these were babies and how big they were going to get.



The rest of the day was spent letting them out in the back yard to hop amongst the weeds while being followed and trailed by children. They were even given a ride in a cart probably to their much dismay. We heard numerous times the statement of “this is the best Easter EVER! Of all the people that  I think I was the most surprised about was Isaac. He can’t stop holding them, getting them out, checking on them, and taking care of them.

We enjoyed some wonderful church meetings focused on the Savior and his gift to us of the atonement and resurrection. I especially enjoyed some thoughts that Jon Hansen shared in a talk about how many of those that had their first moments with the Savior after his resurrection did not recognize him at first. Then at some point in the conversation they recognized who he was.  How often in our lives is the Savior right besides us, or showing us or teaching us something yet we don’t see or recognize his hand in our lives. How can we learn to recognize him in our lives, so when he returns in Glory we shall see him and know him.

I am looking forward to the holiday next year as we’ve been contemplating and coming up with some better ideas of celebrating the whole week of Easter. We would like to be focusing more on Christ and his life rather than the candy and Easter baskets.  If his atonement and resurrection were the most important event in all of eternity, then it seems to us that we need to focus on it quite a bit more that we have at this time of year.  The day ended with some family time, and this Easter message and focus on Christ.


2 thoughts on “Our Newest Family Additions

  1. Virginia W. says:

    I love this =) I’m sad I missed Easter there! This looks like so much fun for your kids, I’m sure they were beyond excited. We have a little bunny too, she was older when we got her so she doesn’t let us hold her much, but it is fun to have her =)

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