Granite Flats

My kids have been super excited all day to watch their favorite TV show Granite Flats. We found out about it last fall from a blog post online, and a friend of ours who works for BYU TV. So we decided we’d try it out. They loved it. It’s a fun, clean family tv show set during the cold war.  It has secrets and mysteries, and the kids love the fact that the kids are solving crimes with their own little detective agency.

Granite Flats

The fun part about watching the first season was that it was our kid’s first experience having to wait for the next episode. They are too familiar with the “instant watch” factor that comes with tv on the internet. So the fact that the story never really resolves after each episode, leaving you hanging for the next one confused them a bit. They couldn’t figure it out.  Then when it came to the end of the season and they had to wait 6 months till the next one, they were super bummed. A lesson in patience…. and now they’re patience is being rewarded as the new season has started. Mirian was so excited this time around that she only had to wait one week instead of 6 months for the next one.:)


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