Random Items from Today

Today was not the most productive day in some aspects, but a little more productive in others.  I have not been feeling well for a couple of weeks now, some days barely functioning it feels. I think we were finally able to figure out why at the end of last week, and I’m hoping to go in and get the treatment for it tomorrow. So this week has been hit and miss in many things. So I thought I’d just share some randomness from our day.

random copyThis photo above is why I endorse pinterest. Of all the hours you could spend on it, this here is a worthwhile reason. Most of my girls fight me to have their hair done. They hate it. They hate for me to brush it, fix it and wash it. You name it. It’s a battle to the death for both of us. For the most part I have just given in on the fight, but today we tried a different approach. I showed them a board of pins that I had made of all different cute hair styles. They decided they wanted their hair to look like like that. So they found the elastics, brought me the brush and picked the hairstyle they wanted to wear for the day. There was still of few “Oww!”s here and there, but nothing like we usually have. They were good sports all the way to the finish, and even modeled for a couple of pictures for me. Thank you pinterest. We didn’t leave the house looking like we just woke up today.

Random2For some reason I pulled out the sketchbook yesterday and started drawing again. My goal is one page a day. Nothing big or major. Just something around the house, something we’re doing, anything. I’m just hoping to get in some practice as well as getting in a small break for me. I also want to do better at being a good example to my kids of developing talents and hobbies; spending time working on them each day. So one page a day… and right now we have 3 pages finished.

It has been so gorgeous here lately that both the kids and I can not stand to stay cooped up in the house any longer. The fresh air, warm sunshine, and spring weather is calling our names. So we’ve been going to the park for the last couple of afternoons to let the kids run off some energy as well as getting fresh air and sunshine. While they’ve been playing I’ve been drawing and painting. It’s been a nice change for all of us.  At some point at the park Isaac asks me to draw him a picture and then he paints it with the watercolors. He’s done really well so far.  That kid is going to be my DaVinci some day.  I mean that literally. He’s my artist, my scientist, my engineer, my mathematician and overall Renaissance man.

Random3We also had some friends of ours over for dinner which was long over due. They have been dear friends to us for the last 11 years. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long of a friendship. We met them when we were first married and had just given birth to Savannah. They had just moved into our ward having just gotten married. We found out that he was in the same major as Beau and it all went on from there.  They have become best friends, going through the last 10 years of graduate school together.  They have worked together, done research together, mountain biked together, and have served together over the years. They both received their PH.D’s together and have now started up a company with each other. His wife and I have been friends since that first day as well. They have seen us at our absolute worst and hopefully our best too.  Although I don’t get to see her as often lately, it’s one of those friendships that picks up right where we left. We both know we can count on each other for anything (although it seems we have ended up with asking the most) and they have bailed us out of many a bind.  They are truly some of our dearest closest friends.  This last summer we were able to spend a couple of days with them camping in Moab on a mini vacation. I am so grateful for good friends.

We have a busy weekend coming up. Life has been good to us right now, and we are truly blessed. I see struggles that others are going through and I am even more grateful for the many blessings the Lord has given us.


2 thoughts on “Random Items from Today

  1. Sanz @ From The Mrs. says:

    You are so talented! Your drawings are incredible. I hope you get feeling better soon and get the help you need!

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