Winter Playground

The kids and I recently had the chance to go home for about 5 days. It was my nephew’s baptism and we decided to make a trip home for it. Although Beau was unable to come with us, we enjoyed the chance to visit family.  We arrived just ahead of the snow storm that blew in and stuck around for our entire visit. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen that much snow. It something that I miss about being in Utah. It comes and goes and never stays around to build up.  At the same time  I have officially became a wimp when it comes to being on the roads and traveling in it. I would much rather watch the storm from my window, play in it later and never leave my home.


Poor Belén was extremely sick the whole time we were gone. She had some terrible cold like bug, and was quite a trooper despite her misery. It wore me out pretty quickly with the lack of sleep for 4 nights, and wanting to be carried around all day every day. Who can blame her though when you feel that poorly.

We had a great time visiting cousins, gathering family history stories, information, memories, and worked on a family chronology late into some evenings.

One of the afternoons we went over to our other set of grandparents and enjoyed an afternoon all bundled up in snow clothes. Between sledding down the snowbanks and being pulled behind the snowmobile the kids and I had a great time. Belén of course just wanted to sit on my lap and watch everyone else. Snowballs were thrown, snow angels made, and a reindeer snow animal made.  They look forward to those couple of visits we are able to make home every wintertime. They know after they do all that hard playing in the snow that grandma has a movie and hot chocolate waiting for them back inside. They wore themselves out having a good time. I missed having Beau there this time around. I love seeing him in his element of home and snow. I guess we just might have to make another trip up there soon to let him play around in the winter playground too.


2 thoughts on “Winter Playground

  1. Sanz says:

    I have officially become a wimp as well. I forget what winter really is until we head to Wyoming. That cold air is a slap in the face! I must say I really have grown to love Utah winters! I can’t tell you the last time I put a coat on! Your photos are beautiful! How do you say your baby’s name? Bell-in?

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