The Grandparents Book of the Month Club

My mother always calls up months before Christmas asking what we would like that year, or what to get the kids. Right now I am in a small house (less than 1000 square feet) with all 7 of us, and I really just don’t need more stuff. So I tried to give her some ideas that wouldn’t be just more toys to find a space for.  I told her a few ideas that I had and mentioned one that I had seen a while ago.  It was from a mom who sent a letter every month to her daughter from Laura Ingalls Wilder, with a few activities to do.  It was based along the lines of monthly subscription kits.

When we were children my mom signed us up for some summer science kits from Ranger Rick. We were so excited to get it in the mail and spent the day putting it together, reading the stuff that came with it and working on the experiments. We LOVED it. I mentioned how fun that was as a child. So she took those few ideas, and with the help of my brainstorming sister they came up with this great idea.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Grandparents Book of the Month Club.  This was the package we opened on Christmas day with our introductory book inside.


It came along with an introduction letter from their grandparents explaining the club.  I think they did an awesome job writing it up.


They also had a special bonus gift enclosed as well.  A mixing bowl, spatula, measuring spoons and cups to go along with the monthly recipe. My other sister who homeschools was also selected by the grandparents literary panel to participate.

I thought it was a great Christmas idea that the kids will get to enjoy all year.  It will give us the chance to get some books read through the year for fun, and focus on a few themes that I haven’t specifically chosen for school.  I plan on sharing their book club every month when it comes in the mail so you can enjoy the fun as well. It might also give you some ideas for fun activities you can incorporate with a few books throughout the year.

Tomorrow I will show you what our First Book of the Month pack included.

Great job Grandma with Christmas this year!


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