Book of the Month – Indian in the Cupboard

The book of the month that came with our introductory kit by Grandma was The Indian in the Cupboard.  My kids have loved this book. We have been trying to read it every night as a family before we go to bed and they usually ask us to read just one more chapter.  Beau was definitely into this one too since it was one of his childhood favorites.



Here are the contents that came in our box. A lot of fun little goodies to add to the whole theme of the book. I have to admit I love the little toy Indian and matching key with a red ribbon.


This was in the packet for additional activities to do along with the book. We had crossword puzzles, Indian symbols to try writing a letter or note to someone, how to draw an Indian, and then a list of other possible ideas as well.0_Book20In part of the book, Little Bear argues with Omri that his people DO NOT live in Tepees.  They live in longhouses. So we worked at building the tepee that grandma sent, but then we also learned about longhouses. Why and how the Iroquois Indians built them. We watched a movie on how to strip the bark off of the trees and how they built it from start to finish. We then built our own paper 3D model of a long house from this book. It has a lot of fun activities about the Northwest Indian tribes that we’ve been doing here and there as we’ve read the book. I have to admit I don’t remember learning much about these tribes of Indians in my youth.  I definitely can say I wouldn’t be a big fan of sharing one large house with up to 20 other families and having one side of the wall for my own. I definitely like my own privacy. That is way too close of quarters for me.


We also learned about the various ways Indians used corn as we made our recipe of the month. Cornbread. This recipe has been a family favorite, and is really THE best cornbread recipe out there. Seriously. Hands down.



You know you want to try it. Along with a side of Chili, it makes a really tasty meal. When you pour it in the square pan it looks like it will overflow. No worries, it won’t. It just comes out super thick.  If you want it in a rectangle pan, stop yourself. It’s much better thick and moist. If you need more, just double it and do it in two square pans.


Another thing you could do along with this book is make coil pots or learn some weaving. We ended up doing both of these projects earlier in the semester with our art class, and so we didn’t do them along with the book. But it would be a great art project to add.

We had a great time with this book and are just about to finish it up. I’m then hoping to have the kids do a fun book report on the book, and then possibly watching the movie as a family. I think my mom did a great job putting this all together!


2 thoughts on “Book of the Month – Indian in the Cupboard

  1. Sanz says:

    This is so great. I love it. What an incredible gift. Would your parents like to sell a subscription to me? (I’m serious!) I think they are onto a fabulous business concept here.

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