Christmas Tree Hunting

We were able to go back to Wyoming for the Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy some time with family. It ended up that we traveled in our friends car which we had borrowed so we could help move someone back to the Valley.  That was an adventure for all the kids. We also enjoyed having a little bit of snow since there was currently none at our place. That has since changed as of this morning when we looked out the window. It’s been dumping all day and I’ve been enjoying a nice warm house all day while watching the beauty of the first snowfall outside my window.

The last couple of years when we have gone home for Thanksgiving we decided to go hunt for our own Christmas tree, and this year was no exception. The day after Thanksgiving, my mom, most of my siblings, cousins and my family, bundled up and headed to the hills in hopes of finding a not too straggly Christmas tree. We had a few adventures along the way this time. Copper my sister’s dog, decided to jump out of the truck with his leash on, only to hang himself and almost get ran over by the tire. Between the screaming and honking of the van behind him where all the kids were freaking out, my brother stopped in time to save him from his own stupidity.  He didn’t want back in the truck after that, and so ran along side our cars the rest of the way.

Christmas Tree1

My sisters large van also got stuck and required some pushing and maneuvering back down the hill.  We made our first stop at a group of hills that we thought looked promising only to find out that looks had been deceiving. We had hiked down the hill to what looked like was large grove of trees, only it opened up to an empty clearing after the first set of trees.  All of which were tall, scraggly, Charley Brown trees. After hiking around for about an hour we drove out to where we found our Christmas tree last year on the other side of the South End.  This time we only had to hike straight up a steep incline, to find the trees. At this point, any tree that was half decent was in the lottery for being cut down and taken home. We found one that wasn’t too bad and looks pretty good now that it’s decorated in our living room.  On the way out my Sister and mom found that there was only one safe way to climb down the mountain and that was sliding down on your backside.

Christmas Tree_2013

It was then home to some hot chocolate and pizza to top off the adventure!  Every kid’s top pick of food. It was also during this entire hunt that I’ve come to find out that my mom hated Christmas tree hunting all the year of my youth. She would much rather have just stuck up a fake tree.  She faked it so good for so many years.  (I guess I can’t blame her. After the first adventure of failure I mentioned that maybe we should just chalk up the $10 Christmas tree tag to a family adventure and go home and put up our own fake tree.)

We had a great time though with family. It always seems to call for too much food, and late, late nights talking and laughing. From taking personality quizzes and learning more about each other, to laughing till our sides ached about the guy at the store that creeps us girls out while dad raved about what a good kid he thought he was as a scout. Lists of what we’d like to learn or do someday such as developing sniper skills and learning how to pick locks. (I’ll let you guess which family member had that on their bucket list.)  The kids spent hours playing with cousins, watching movies, playing in the snow and staying up late whispering to cousins when they should have been in bed. These are fun family times we should really do more often.  (Except the late nights, in my opinion. It’s been 4 days and I’m still not fully recovered.)


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