Happy Halloween!

We have survived another Halloween with kids overloaded on candy!  Tonight Mirian said she was sick of Candy and sugar and asked me before she fell asleep if she could trade it in for $ in the morning and get rid of the rest of it. It has helped to cut back on the sugar these last few months. My kids did not nearly consume the amount they normally did in past Halloweens, and are pretty sick of by now.ImageImage

We enjoyed the day at a party with our Homeschool co-op. We enjoyed decorating cookies, crafts, bobbing for apples and playing together. We were also able to enjoy the Provo Rec Center Halloween carnival before wrapping it up for our ward’s trunk or treat.  Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. I’m not exactly sure why, but we’ve always enjoyed dressing up together as a family and doing something fun – which was our Mummy-hot dogs this year.  Someday we hope to have the energy and the time to really throw a good party. Beau has dreamed of it for years. 🙂 We hope you enjoyed your day as well!


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