Family Ride

Recently we got out for a family bike ride on the river trail.  The kids and I had gone this way before and had come across a little area by the river that someone had taken the time to clear away, make some pathways, plant flowers, attached a swing to a big tree.and created a nice little haven.  They were so excited to show it off to Beau this time around.


I love the fact that someone took the time to do a little thing, but something which brings joy to the community members walking, riding or running on the trail.

ImageThis swing is probably the hottest item with my kids. They love how high you can go, and it seems to be the constant battle of whose turn it is next.

ImageEspecially with this one. She wants to be the only one in it and wants you to push her the whole time. Swings are a great addition to a park, unless you have children this age, then they are the dreaded toy at the park, because all they want for you to do is push them all day long. I guess I should stop, relax and enjoy that more.  They won’t always want me right there pushing them. And honestly the smile and glee you see on their face is worth it.


This is another popular item. It’s a massive tree that has grown sideways, and is the perfect tree for climbing.


Here’s one of those little paths someone has landscaped.

ImageI love this picture of my almost 5 year. What a great photo of what it’s like on a typical day.  Polka Dotted dress, with a leopard print shirt over top, and a trucker’s hat.  Love it.  I love their little personality at this age.


There is a very gradual slope to the river, where we were able to see families of ducks during our last visit, and families of fish swimming up river this visit. The kids love throwing rocks and pebbles into the stream.



I think this spot might become a family favorite one to stop at. Get away from the house, get some good exercise in, and be in some nature.

This time when we were around, I decided to snap some picture of the kids to replace our photos on the wall of the kids that are 3 years old. Just quick photos’ in our regular daily attire. No pre-prepped, matching clothes, or hair done. But those are the real ones anyway right? The only one who wouldn’t co-operate was Belén.  By that point she was mad that she was forced to get off the swing to go home.



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