My New Transportation

For Mother’s day this year my husband decided to get me a new bike. My older bike was a huffy bike that was about 15 years old, and not always the most pleasant ride. It’s times like this that I enjoy the fact that he’s a mountain biker and commutes to work, and knows what a good bike is and was willing to spend a bit more than huffy bike prices on me. 🙂  In the past I’ve always teased him that I would like a new bike, with his reply that when I ride the bike I already have he’ll consider it. I’m not sure what helped him finally realize that the reason I wasn’t riding my bike before was because of the bike.  It isn’t that great, and after one ride my behind can’t sit on it anymore, I’ve spent far more energy than required and it just was NOT enjoyable.


This one has been awesome to ride, and I’ve been looking for any excuse to pull it out.  The goal was to ride it around town as much as possible, to save money on gas for the summer, to get more physical exercise for myself and get the kids out and doing something more active. So far it’s been working out great!


Here’s a few of the places we’ve been riding it so far.

  • The River trail when we need to get out of the house and get some excercise.
  • To the new the Rec Center to go swimming.
  • To the Library when it’s time to switch out some books.
  • To the grocery store when we needed to pick up a quick item or two.
  • Around the neighborhood to drop things off to people.
  • Our Church’s quarterly activity which consisted of a Swap Meet, Breakfast and Bike ride.


Most of the kids get around on their bikes except for the younger two, and I get to tote them in our lovely bike cart we picked up from DI.  It works great for toting them and additional items we need to take along with us. The first couple of times we had to figure out how to rig it to the bike, and ended up having to walk home because it broke.

The second time it happened, I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it home.  I couldn’t push my bike, and pull the cart loaded with kids and library books. Eventually I bumped all my kids up a bike to push or ride home, and then I pushed the cart home loaded with kids, library books, and the smallest bike precariously attached.  I got a good work out that day.


Since that last breakdown, Beau fixed it and it’s been working great ever since, to haul both children and our fruit for the ward breakfast. I’d like to push ourselves more to ride to farther places around Provo and to let our van sit more. The thing that I love the most about it, is my physical activity has increased a lot and yet I haven’t had to make great sacrifices, change my schedule around or do anything drastic to fit in exercise time. It just naturally fits into our day. Thanks Honey! I love it.


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