Earlier in the month of May, my friend Lily helped me host a breadmaking class with Melissa Richardson, author of The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast.  It was awesome. Although I have been baking like this for a little while and trying it out prior to the class, it was so great to learn all the science behind why preparing your wheat like this is so important health wise.  It was fascinating to hear what the wheat does to your body if just used straight, and the many issues it can cause.  It’s no wonder our society has lots of gluten intolerance.  It was also awesome to hear all the health benefits and how excellent it is for your body when prepared right.


I had a friend who wasn’t interested but came just because we were her friends.:)  She had pretty much decided to just give up all grains because there were so many issues with it, and it seemed to bother many in her family.  Yet she had a hard time with it because the Lord in the Word of Wisdom is so explicit that wheat is for the use of man. Why would he tell us to eat wheat if it causes all these issues we are seeing now days.  When it was all over she was so excited.  This had been the answer she was looking for, it followed right along with the word of wisdom and she couldn’t wait to get started.


I knew some of this before, but I always just assumed I had to sprout my wheat and that just seemed way too time consuming and difficult.  This method has been soooo much easier, and once you get the hang of it and of prepping things in advance, it actually saves so much time and makes things so much easier.

So we’ve been experimenting with bread, crepes, waffles, pancakes, banana muffins, and blue berry muffins. So far I have used her recipes to make sure they turn out, and they have! But I think I’m ready to actually experiment with some of our favorites as well to see the results will be.


I’ve been trying to do better at eating and choosing healthier options. Right now my goal for cooking food in our home is:

  • Whole wheat baking – avoiding white flour as much as possible
  • No white sugar – use other substitutes and try to cut back on our sugar consumption
  • More veggies / fruits for everything.
  • Incorporate more physical activity into our regular schedule.
  • Cut down on prepackaged, processed food. Make it myself if I can.

I am not completely these goals at 100%. I’m just having them be my focus and slowly I’m getting better and better at replacing things, eliminating certain foods and slowly feeling better.I’m hoping to share some of our favorite recipes that help us do this, as well as keep you updated on the progress.


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