A Little Cat in the Hat

Cat in the HatIt has been quite a while since we have done an art project in this home.  I’ve been missing them and my kids have as well. When I suggested we do an art lesson today there was whopping and hollering about the chance to get messy, and messy we got.  A whole thing of glue dumped all over my pants and onto the floor. Belén is no longer the quiet inactive baby. She is right up there on the table demanding that she be a part of all of it as well. Right down to having the same color of pencil as everyone else had. She did not want a red one, she wanted the regular yellow pencil that everyone else was using.  She doesn’t quite get that she shouldn’t crawl into the art supplies or not lean on someone else’s artwork. All she knows is that she is right there along with everyone else being big like them. Every two seconds stopping to show mom what a great job she did drawing on the paper like everyone else.


After her much needed bath to clean up after the art project, I put her in some levi pants which she has recently realized has pockets.  She likes to stick her hands inside the pockets and walk around feeling all grown up. When we named her we gave her the middle name of Joy, and lately she has been just that. (Even when she’s crawling through the art supplies.)


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