Beach combing


I had the chance to go on a vacation with my parents, siblings and their families for a week to the Oregon Coast. It was just what I needed.  Quality time with family, some down time, the wonderful ocean, and a chance to pull out the pencils and paint. Nothing beat the early morning walks along the beach. I could get up and exercise in the wee early hours every day if I just have an ocean to walk along.  Continue reading

Thursday Thriller

Let me introduce you to Richard Ballantyne, my 5th great grandfather.  He was a Scotsman who joined the church and came to America to join with the Saints.  Little did he know what kinds of trials and adventures awaited him.  During the time of great persecutions of the Mormons, he was kidnapped by the mob and held hostage for over two weeks. Being an avid journal writer, he left many amazing stories for his posterity to enjoy.  Here is the story of his adventure being a hostage to the mob…. Continue reading

Workday Wednesday

Elmo Astle with New Garbage Truck

This is my grandfather Elmo Carling Astle. He died when I was just a few years old and so I never really knew him growing up.  My father took over his garbage hauling business when he passed away and so I grew up riding in this same truck, and helping my dad haul garbage.  I loved these journal entries we came across though as we were scanning his journal in to digitize it.  I think my father could express similar feelings of those that his father wrote. “Same old grind of hauling trash all day in Afton and Alpine, Freedom and Thayne….” Continue reading

Copy of Dec 2006 023

“I would not be true to myself or to you, if I did not add one little word on the spiritual greatness of this task of yours. You are rearing a child, who is not only yours, but also a child of God. Make it worthy of the God whose child it is and who gave it.  You are doing God’s work and taking up a God-appointed task. In His cause there is no defeat.”  Adolf Berle from the 1915 book ‘Teaching in the Home’ 

2 Nephi 10_33_blog1

2 Nephi 10:33

I finished up this illustrated faith last week, using some of my own drawings this time. I have always read this scripture in one specific context, but this time it was a scripture that had been playing all week in my mind in light of a different context and meaning. Those thoughts were of what I was putting into my body. We are told by Paul that our body is a temple, that it is not our own and was bought with a price. Continue reading

Ether 6_12_blog1

Ether 6:12

This illustrated faith picture is one that I finished last week after reading in Ether 6.  As I was reading it brought back some thoughts that President Miller had shared with us in a sacrament meeting. The phrase driven forth before the wind had stuck out to him.  It describes the brother of Jared being continually driven before the wind towards the promised land, that they would often be buried in the depths of the sea, and that it was probably a not always a pleasant journey. Often we want life to be easy and simple, with no adversity, wind or difficulties. Yet it was the very wind that drove them to the promised land they were seeking. If they had been on calm waters they would have gotten no where.   Continue reading

Isaiah 61_3_blog1

Isaiah 61:3

A friend of mine shared her first art journaling in her bible and it intrigued me. She shared the site Illustrated Faith with me and encouraged me to do it. I thought about it all day. What would the scriptures look like visually to me? How could I illustrate the insights, joy, hope, and understanding the scriptures give me daily as I study them? I decided to take her up on it. I wanted to see what I could accomplish by the end of the year of illustrating the scriptures that stuck out to me the most that year, my own personal journey of discovering faith in the Lord and his gospel.  This was my first attempt.  Continue reading


Hanging by a Limb

This was just a fun art lesson we did on perspective as part of a rain forest unit we were doing.  Sloths hang upside down. So we hung upside down to see how the perspective is different than how we see things. So we took pictures of them hanging upside down and then created a collage of them hanging from the trees.  These were done with kids ranging from Pre-3rd grade.  Continue reading